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natural beaded rows extensions

When your hair doesn’t look its best, it can be frustrating and disappointing.

Every woman deserves hair that looks amazing.

NBR® Extensions always make you LOOK and FEEL amazing.


custom process

When choosing NBR expect a specific consultation catered to your wants and needs, a custom color on your hair, a custom perfectly blended color on your extensions, a flawless install, and a custom-tailored cut.

no tape or

glue involved

The removal process is quick, painless and only takes 5 minutes

quicker appointments

You are transformed in 3-5 hours having the most comfortable, full, and lightweight hair you’ve ever had!

no damage, and they won't slip out

Unlike most traditional hair extensions, Natural Beaded Rows WILL NOT slip out and do not cause damage due to less contact points on the scalp. No one will actually know you have hair extensions until you show them!


If you are ready to experience the most full, natural, light-weight, comfortable, instagram worthy hair of your life, click “Book Now” below to get started.


NBR “signature blend”

NBR is known for it's signature blend. Using the highest quality of hair which is able to last 4-6 months as well as endure the custom coloring process, which will give you the result in a natural, lasting, custom blend that is unmatched in the industry!

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